Adventure Fairytale Ty is the tender and childish version of Fairytale Ty and was going to be an unlockable and playable character in The Return to Freddy's 5 Adventure Mode, before it was scrapped from the game. He was going to be voiced by BFPFilms/Tyler.

Appearance Edit

Adventure Fairytale Ty resembles his _RADSLA_ counterpart. He is a small red panda animatronic, he has a plastic casting, blue eyes, white eyebrows, two white ears, three rows of teeth, red cheeks, a white snout, and a black nose. He has an orange torso, brown arms, brown hands with 4 black fingers, black legs, black feet with 3 brown toes, and a raccoon-type of tail. His face, torso, arms and legs have brown stripes.

Attacks Edit

Adventure Fairytale Ty was going to attack the enemies with a sledgehammer that he pulls out of his ass.


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