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Fairytale Ty is the animatronic body of Patient 20 in Gilbert Facility, and an antagonist in _RADSLA_.


Fairytale Ty is a red panda animatronic. He has a plastic casting, blue eyes, white eyebrows, two white ears, three rows of teeth, brown hands with 4 black fingers, black feet with 3 brown toes, and a raccoon-type of tail. His face, chest, arms and legs have brown stripes.


Ty, along with Fairytale Koly and Fairytale Sally, would have roamed the Gilbert Facility, after being hacked by fbinc. He would have attacked the player, but the player can shut the door and move locations to stop him.


  • It is possible that he could've been a new character in the Major Update for TRTF 4, as that's the game that Sally and Koly were found.
  • Before the cancellation of _RADSLA_, BFPFilms/Tyler decided to make a new original game, called TycrazMania with Ty as the main character.
    • Awhile after this, he was renamed Tycraz.
  • His character design is based from the character "Lynne" from the comic, "Twisted Sister".





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