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Template:Golden Lockjaw TRTF3 Infobox Golden Lockjaw is a variant of Lockjaw in The Return to Freddy's 3. He makes his first appearance here, but has a very minor one.


His only appearance is during the minigame CD+, where his pieces are scattered across the floor. Normally, these would be Lockjaw's, but are replaced by Golden Lockjaw's when certain requirements are met. They are used to make a staircase for Jester to climb up to the exit door. A plush of Golden Lockjaw appears in The Office following the minigame's completion.

Golden Lockjaw is a major antagonist and easter egg in The Return to Freddy's 4. In the Night 5 minigame, Green Guy slips inside him and get crushed by the springlocks. In the recordings, it was said that the staff didn't know where he came from, as they ordered only two springlock costumes; Golden Freddy and Springtrap. Later, it's said that Golden Lockjaw is unstable, and is considered a prototype springlock suit, despite not containing any springlocks.


Golden Lockjaw looks similar to Lockjaw, but with an old yellow color, appearing green. His endoskeleton jaw is visible and his head is floating. He is more withered then the other characters, with wires poking out in spots. He also has bluish-gray glowing eyes, but is rarely seen with them.


He can appear in all nights randomly when looking to the right, and will play an insane laugh upon appearing, but will go away when pulling the steam. He actually is a possible threat, considering he conceals the power generater lever. In the end of Night 6, Golden Lockjaw appears standing in the left side of the office, and presumably kills Blake, with the screen glitching before cutting to the game over static.


  • Golden Lockjaw is believed to be an early version of Lockjaw.
    • He is also believed to have canonically killed Blake.
  • Three secret screens involving Golden Lockjaw may appear showing after death or before gameplay:
    • Golden Lockjaw sitting in an area with a light.
    • Golden Lockjaw down a hallway, with a Foxy suit prop.
    • Golden Lockjaw climbing up an arcade, possibly the same ones shown in the intro.
  • Outside the minigames, Golden Lockjaw is a hallucination, explaining why no corpse is visible despite what is depicted in the minigames.
  • Golden Lockjaw has no name in the Nightmare Fuel menu.
    • In addition, his description is random assorted letters and numbers. When the numbers are removed, it spells "Bloodthirsty for Children".
      • This possibly references Gron being trapped inside him.
  • Golden Lockjaw has been confirmed by PoniatorFilms/Tyler to be a Torture suit.

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The sound that Golden Lockjaw makes when killing the player WARNING: LOUD!

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