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  • Lockjaw, the original counterpart of Torture Lockjaw?
  • Torture Golden Lockjaw, a Torture suit closely related to Torture Lockjaw?
  • Shadow Torture Lockjaw, a mysterious ghostly Torture suit resembling Torture Lockjaw?
  • BFPuppet, a Torture suit resembling Tortured Lockjaw?
  • Femjaw, a Torture suit which BFP called "Lockjaw's sister"?
  • Popper Ping, a remodel of this character who was cut?
  • Other similar-looking or related characters, such as Nightmare Lockjaw, Torture Toony or Golden Lockjaw?

Torture Lockjaw is a Torture suit developed in Fazbear Inc. by Alison. He was going to serve as one of the antagonists in The Return to Freddy's 5 before it's recent cancellation.


Torture Lockjaw seems to look a lot like Lockjaw did in TRTF4, with a cylindrical head, a skinny body, and a black top hat with a white stripe on it. His eyes and mouth are like other Torture suits, but with two rows of teeth (three including the last ones on his endoskeleton). His body is torn up with a few wires coming out of his shoulders and eye sockets. He has a black bow tie and sometimes holds a spear-like object in his right hand.


Torture Lockjaw will appear on Floor 1 after the player opened the cage door. He's attracted by the light; if you see him, you must turn off the flashlight and not move, so he can't detect you. If you don't you'll get jumpscared and stabbed in the heart. He will also appear on Floor 2 with (presumably) the same mechanics.


  • Unlike Lockjaw in TRTF3 and TRTF4, Torture Lockjaw will not be the main antagonist in TRTF5.
  • Torture Lockjaw was confirmed to stab the player in the heart with his staff when he jump scares the player. Torture Kitty has also been confirmed to do this.

Torture Lockjaw made an appearance in the abandoned demo as the only animatronic in game. He looks identical to his previous appearance.


Torture Lockjaw occasionally appears behind the player when they are close to the door, or when they are in the room with the empty Lockjaw and Kitty suits. The player has to turn off the flashlight if they see him. He will eventually disappear. He seems to appear more often if the player bangs on the door and looks at the Lockjaw suit. If the player hides in the room with the Sally head and endoskeleton, and look behind them Torture Lockjaw may be seen running by. He also sometimes appears peeking at the end of the hallway.


  • Torture Lockjaw seems to be buggy. If the player clicks on him when they see him, the player will travel through him and he will disappear.
  • If you click his nose on the menu, it will play a honking sound.
  • Torture Lockjaw also seems to be shaking while being seen.

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